GEE: Traffic queue and blind spots problem in Lintas

KOTA KINABALU, September 16, 2020: Lintas Plaza has long been faced with traffic jams and there seems to be no solution in sight, said Gee Tien Siong.

Many incidences of car accidents are caused by blind spots in the area, he pointed out.

Gee, who is contesting as Perikatan Nasional Candidate for N21 Luyang was at Lintas Plaza and Lintas Square during his campaign walkabout, said the authorities should deal with the traffic problem on how to reduce the long queues at the intersection caused by the jam.

He suggested that in modifying the traffic direction and correcting the blind spot areas will ease congestion and prevent accidents.

While during his walkabout he was surprised that quite a few voters came to him to voice out their livelihood grievances of facing the adverse economic situation now and worried about their future.

Gee is pleasantly surprised while thankful of the people’s trust and placing their high hopes on him.

The future lies with whom they vote, a new government that can uplift their livelihood and revive the economy, or this government that pulls them down.

During the walkabout he was also asked about his opinion on the traffic congestion during school days along the stretch or road near Tshung Tsin Secondary School in Dah Yeh Villa under the Likas constituency.

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Author: Johnny Chin