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The Party Culture


The growth of the party must be set in the right direction and properly managed. SAPP is challenging its members to look deeper into themselves, to become leaders in the quest for personal excellence through a proper understanding of the importance of party culture i.e. the need for us all to have the right culture and values.

Thus, with a good party culture as a general guideline, which is understood and practised by all party members, we should be able to achieve our aims and objectives.

The following are the seven (7) characteristics of SAPP Party Culture : 

  1. Unity
    To inculcate the spirit of “thought and action” as a guiding force in all our actions, the spirit of “thought and action” being founded upon the concept of “Togetherness”.
  2.  Commitment
    To always act and move in unison to achieve the objectives. There is a need to strive for excellence at all times. We need to continuously review our strengths and weaknesses and take the appropriate remedial steps where necessary. Unselfish commitment towards a common goal and total dedication of oneself with promote a good sense of belonging within the Party.
  3. Service
    To be action-oriented and have a caring attitude. Promotion of the caring attitude must prevail as a party culture, being not only concerned with the needs and welfare of our own members but also that of the general public, in particular those who are in actual need. It is vitally important to develop a critical awareness of our social responsibility at all times.
  4. Credibility
    To foster and develop a high level of credibility by doing and delivering what we say We must set standards to guide our behaviour i.e. in order to practice what we preach or in order to walk our talk!
  5. Discipline
    To be obedient to the Party policies and goals and to achieve this we must be disciplined by abiding by the Party’s Code of Ethics. We must be disciplined not to be influenced by extreme thoughts and actions but always yielding to the greater objectives of the Party. With the advent of materialism and modernization and the spiritual era taking backstage, hence bringing about many social ills, discipline must play its important role to strike a balance. A well disciplined organization will not be destroyed. Discipline as part and parcel of the organisation culture will definitely make the organisation strong and cohesive.
  6. Resilience
    To have the ability to regain strength each time we fall or to maintain our strength in the face of adversities. To establish a resilient character in ourselves and always understand the importance of having faith in our ability to achieve success. One will be readily able to recover from any shock or depression and adaptable to a change once necessary.
  7. Progress
    Progress shall be a key hallmark of our Party. To achieve this characteristic as our Party Culture we must be readily adaptable to the rapidly changing world. A progressive culture will ultimately contribute to the establishment of a scientific and progressive society. This will create a society that is innovative and forward looking, one that is not only a consumer of technology but also a contributor to the scientific and technological civilization of the future.