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Bridge reopens facilitates safe passage for PNT Kindergarten students

Penampang, Sabah – After much effort, the bridge connecting Peak Nam Tong Kindergarten (PNTK) in Penampang to Taman Asli has been completed and reopened for use.

Built in 2003, the bridge is crucial for the kindergarten, providing a convenient route for students living on the other side of the bridge to attend school.

The bridge was closed down in 2019 following the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) during the COVID-19 pandemic. It remained closed until 2023 when a teacher noticed that the bridge’s floorboards had deteriorated, posing a safety hazard.

Upon learning about the situation, Kapitan Lee Hung Boo, who is also the president of Peak Nam Tong Temple, sought assistance from Gee Tien Siong, Luyang Community Development Leader. Gee then connected Lee with Michael Tiong, the owner of Bonusoon Trading Sdn Bhd.

Generously, Michael Tiong decided to fully sponsor the materials for the bridge’s repair and sent his team to carry out the work.

The bridge is now restored and reopened. Lee Hung Boo, together with Lee Kuan Hock, Chairman of the Board, and Principal Chua Yun May, on behalf of the temple, kindergarten, and all teachers and students, presented a letter of appreciation to Michael Tiong, witnessed by Gee Tien Siong.