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SAPP: ECoS should explain why 7/10 contractors are non-Sabahan

Kota Kinabalu, Monday, 27 May 2024:

SAPP welcomes the open invitation by Energy Commission of Sabah (ECoS) to Sabahan companies to submit bids to develop Large-Scale Solar PV (photovoltaic) power plant in Sabah. According to an ECoS statement today, “priority would be given to Sabah-owned companies”.

ECoS further require that all the bidders “appoint Electrical contractors with class PV (Grid-connected) registered with ECoS”.

To clarify how Sabahan companies can be given priority, ECoS should explain how is it that 7 of the 10 Electrical Contractors with class PV (Grid-connected) are non-Sabahan companies.

Based on the list of 10 ECoS-approved contractors (see list attached), only three have Sabah addresses.

7 of the 10 approved contractors have businesses and registered addresses in Peninsula Malaysia. (One of the 7 companies is listed by ECoS as Kota Kinabalu company but the company search shows that the company is based in Johor).

SAPP call on ECoS to not only announce priority for Sabah companies but to also put Sabah government policy into action, namely to approve more Sabahan companies as contractors.

Datuk Yong Teck Lee