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Jalan Lintas Undisclosed Speed Cut Sparks Outrage

Kota Kinabalu, Saturday, 27 April 2024:

Sabah road users are voicing their frustration and anger following the revelation of an undisclosed reduction in the speed limit on Jalan Lintas, a critical thoroughfare connecting northern towns to Kota Kinabalu International Airport and southern regions.

The reduction came to light only after motorists received fines for inadvertently exceeding the unannounced limit. Jalan Lintas has had its speed limit slashed to 60 km/h without any prior notification to the public.

Gee Tien Siong, Vice President of the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), brought attention to a recent incident where a road user received a traffic summons for driving at 73 km/h on Jalan Lintas in early April 2024. This incident highlights the arbitrary nature of enforcement measures and the lack of transparency surrounding their implementation by the authorities, causing confusion and resentment among motorists.

“The sudden reduction in the speed limit not only caught motorists by surprise but also disrupted travel efficiency,” Gee emphasised.

Despite Jalan Lintas being designed as a bypass road to alleviate congestion in Kota Kinabalu and recently completed upgrades like flyovers to further improve traffic flow, the rationale behind the reduced speed limit remains undisclosed.

“We demand clarity from authorities,” Gee added. “Shouldn’t infrastructure improvements aim to promote smoother and more efficient traffic flow?”