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Yong: People have good reason to be very concerned about random violent crimes

Kota Kinabalu, Wednesday 21 February 2024

Ordinary people have good reason to be very concerned about the random violent crimes that have recently hit local people at homes and on the streets in broad daylight.

This is because of the genuine fear of ordinary people of falling victim to random snatch thefts, being beaten up, homes and offices being broken into and cars being stolen.

Snatch thieves have also become more aggressive and violent. The attacker of a lady at Gaya Street in broad daylight was caught only because he was unafraid to strike again at night and was chased by bystanders and caught by police on duty.

While the people wholeheartedly support law enforcement agencies, especially the police, in fighting crime and apprehending criminals, people also expect our authorities to step up anti-crime operations.

High time to swoop on illegals, nab buyers of stolen properties

For instance, it is high time to conduct major swoops on squatter colonies and other suspected locations where prime suspects are known to gather. It is assumed that the prime suspects could be known to their neighbours who can be made to disclose the identities of the thieves.

Emphasis must also be made to detect transactions of stolen properties. Buyers of stolen properties should also be charged.

It is generally know that thieves and burglars have to sell the stolen items like laptops, phones, jewellery, even cars, and so on to unscrupulous buyers. It cannot be that all buyers of stolen properties do not suspect that the things they buy in the underground market are not stolen. Obviously, the burglars (who are now in police custody) know the identities of the buyers of the stolen goods.

I know of four recent cases of burglaries, at least one of which have now been solved, which we praise the Kota Kinabalu police for effective actions.

DBKK (City Hall) should also be encouraged and given sufficient funds to install CCTVs at strategic locations to deter and, when necessary, to help in solving street crimes.

Datuk Yong Teck Lee
Kota Kinabalu resident
Nominated ADUN