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SAPP: Sabah IC to Cabinet a big step forward

KOTA KINABALU, 25 March 2022

The Chief Minister’s announcement in the state assembly to bring the Sabah IC matter to the State Cabinet is indeed a big step forward.

It has been a long time struggle of the SAPP for the Sabah government to issue a Sabah IC.

The idea of Sabah IC was started six years ago when it became clear that the Federal government was not going to solve the issue of dubious citizenship documents given to foreigners. The RCI on Illegal Immigrants had confirmed what many people already knew, that is the issuance of dubious documents to illegals and other foreigners against the interests of Sabah and Sabahans.

The presence of a huge number of immigrants in Sabah and the existence of dubious laws where MyKad had been compromised, which had an impact on demography, threatened the security, sovereignty and social welfare of Sabah.

SAPP has continuously campaigned for the resolution of immigrants matters even though it is an uphill struggle.

The campaign for a Sabah IC has gained momentum recently due to the popular demand from the people. The topic of Sabah IC was widely discussed and received positive response by many during Sabah state election (PRN16), in September 2020.

The Sabah IC proposal highlighted by SAPP President DSP Yong Teck Lee in the recent State Assembly has got the confirmation of the Chief Minister to bring the matter to the cabinet. This decision is welcomed by a great majority of the people.

Sabah IC will give the genuine (original) Sabahans their unquestionable identity and all the privileges and entitlement meant for Sabahans and their descendants. It will give them a real sense of pride as “Sons of Sabah”.

With today’s high-tech technology, the card will contain more details and information of the card holder to ensure only genuine Sabahan get the card.

Datuk Richard Yong
Sabah Progressive Party Secretary-General