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Pedestrian Walkway Drain Hole Covered

KOTA KINABALU, 6 July 2021: After receiving a complaint call from Chee, a local resident, this morning about the dangers of the Foh Sang pedestrian walkway which was left uncovered, Luyang Community Development Leader (PPM Luyang) Gee Tien Siong accompanied him to have a look at the problem.

The holes along the pedestrian walkway left uncovered appeared to be uncompleted works which connect the housing area and the Foh Sang shoplots next to the construction site of the Foh Sang multi-storey parking building. Chee said this sidewalk is usually used by many elderly residents who walk from their homes to the shops to buy daily necessities. He added that it was estimated at least 50 or 60 elderly people walk through this section of the road daily.

Informed in the morning, resolved at noon

The problem was later resolved after the contractor was informed by Gee, sent their workers to cover the drain with metal covers in the afternoon.

“This is a temporary remedial solution. There will be better and safer facilities on this sidewalk after the completion of the construction,” said Gee.

He urged the residents of Luyang that passers-by should be vigilant during the construction period to avoid any unnecessary accidents.