Moving Forward with Green Environment Protection

KOTA KINABALU, 22 January 2021: DBKK Development Planning Department revealed it will adopt the recommendations of Sabah Structure Plan (SPP2033), by making protection and conservation of green regions and rivers as its first development strategy deserve the support of the general public.

Making sustainability as the main priority, the well-planned, designed and development of public open spaces will promote and uplift people’s healthy lifestyles, present Kota Kinabalu a new look and enhance the potential of the ecotourism industry.

The tourism industry in Sabah has been struggling to attract upper-middle class tourists, mainly because we were too focused on the mass market, such as shopping and attractions hopping. These had been constantly consuming Sabah’s natural resources.

After all, most of the upper-middle class tourists come from prosperous cities, and what appeals to them is not materials but experiences, such as quiet and leisure natural ecology, as well as niche activities such as stargazing, photography, exploration, and premium culinary arts. The right focus and strategy will enable Sabah to create a true “smokeless industry” (less carbon footprint) after the covid-19 pandemic being controlled.

We support DBKK’s such plans and strategies which is timely and beneficial for the people. We call on all towns and districts in Sabah to also adopt the Sabah Structure Plan 2033 to focus on environmental conservation.

Environmental conservation and sustainability-oriented planning will prevent soil erosion and conserve clean water resources, by exploiting available technology, Permaculture or sustainable farming can be also promoted to rehabilitate damaged or abandoned land. Permaculture could be implemented in suitable urban environments for additional food production.

Datuk Richard Yong We Kong
SAPP Deputy President

Author: Johnny Chin