SAPP pushes for 1 year moratorium on Papar dam

Kota Kinabalu, January 8, 2021: SAPP has asked the State Government for a one year moratorium before deciding on the proposed construction of the controversial Kaiduan/Papar Dam.

In a press statement issued yesterday, SAPP Deputy President, Edward Dagul urged the State Government to consider all alternatives in resolving the water woes of Kota Kinabalu and surrounding areas, instead of persistently pushing for the proposed construction of the controversial Kaiduan/Papar Dam.

Echoing support for Senator Datuk John Ambrose’s call for the total scrapping of the Kaiduan/Papar Dam proposal as reported in the local newspapers yesterday, Edward said that all considerations including viable alternatives needs to be factored in before the State Government makes the final decision.

These includes addressing other contributory factors to the water shortage such as the maintenance and repair of the water pipes and water pumps, which will reduce the NRW (Non Revenue Water) rate, which was previously reported to be higher than 50%.

“It does not make economic sense to procure and treat voluminous amounts of water if more than half of the water produced ends up back wasted through leakages and damaged pipelines,” claimed Edward.

Edward further opined that Datuk John’s suggestion of constructing water catchments and off river reservoirs as viable alternatives which warrants serious consideration from the State Government, especially from the Ministry concerned.

“Not only are these alternatives quicker to implement, they are also much cheaper and will minimise the social upheaval in the community otherwise affected by the proposed construction of the Dam,” he said.

“We therefore urge for a one year moratorium which should be ample time for the government, the local community, the various NGOs and other affected stakeholders to study, discuss and decide on the best way to tackle the water woes of the State Capital and surrounding areas for a win-win resolution,” concluded Edward.

Author: Johnny Chin