SAPP: Seek a win-win solution with the people

Kota Kinabalu, 23 December 2020: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) urged the state government to suspend its plan to go ahead with the Kaiduan/Papar Dam project.

SAPP Deputy President Edward Dagul said that the party which had objected to the Dam construction proposal have suggested three alternatives for the improvement of water supply which will be cost-effective such as:

1) to build natural reservoir that is less costly and minimal destruction of the natural environment,

2) to repair existing main pipes (Non-Revenue Water) so that water loss (estimated about 50% rate of loss) can be curbed, and

3) to look for alternative proposals that need to be discussed with water supply sector experts for better win-win solutions.

Edward said that all stakeholders whose livelihood and lands are affected by the dam construction must be consulted and all parties should come together to find a win-win situation on resolving the matter.

“There are other viable alternatives to the building of a massive dam which is financially costly and environmentally damaging as well,” he added.

Author: Johnny Chin