Abandoned Transformer an environmental hazard

Kota Kinabalu, December 1, 2020: Located nearby a drainage behind Peak Nam Tong Kindergarten lies a seemingly non-functional power transformer covered by fallen dead branches and overgrown shrubs that is hazardous to the environment affecting the kindergarten kids and nearby residents.

Yong Yit Jee, who is a member of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Supreme Council, said the fallen branches would cause blockage to the drainage system and became a breeding ground for mosquitoes that might bring about diseases like dengue fever.

“During the dry season, these dead branches could pose a fire hazard to the area,” he added. Yit Jee, who is also a lawyer went to inspect the area following a complaint by the Principal of the Peak Nam Tong kindergarten. He also found out some other problems like tree branches hanging over the electricity cable which could give way if its weight become unbearable.

This was reported immediately to the relevant authorities DBKK and SESB for their follow-up actions to remove the old transformer and clear the shrubs, waste to provide the kindergarten a clean, safe and healthy environment before the kindergarten re-opens.

Author: Johnny Chin