Yong: Malaysia should expedite Covid-19 vaccines

Kota Kinabalu, (Wednesday) 11 November 2020

Malaysia should expedite the procurement of vaccines which are in the process of being approved for use in other countries.

Vaccines is the best long term solution to the Covid-19 pandemic because vaccines not only prevent the virus but also put an end to the economic crisis affecting the people.

Recently, it was learnt that Pfizer and BioNTech had developed the vaccine which is more than 90% effective protection against the Covid-19 virus. It is learnt that doses of this vaccine will roll out from the start of next December. This is good news and the government should immediately be fast tracking to ensure that this vaccine can be obtained at the soonest time possible. China’s Sinopharm has also been reported to be a success so far.

I call on the federal government to make known its plans on the recent developments of vaccines which are in the final stages of trials.

Other countries like Philippines and Indonesia in Asia for example, are fast tracking and entering the third and final trials of the vaccines.

The Philippines aims to have coronavirus vaccine shots next year to inoculate about a fourth of the population. Its government is evaluating 17 vaccines in various stages and in talks to source the supply to initially vaccinate 25 million people out of their 100 million population.

Malaysia should likewise get cracking now to evaluate various vaccines that are in the final stages of trials so as to prepare for mass vaccinations for its frontliners and citizens. It is important that these vaccines are provided free so that all our citizens will benefit.

The government should come up with an interim guidance in the order of priority should be: Those working as frontliners in the health and security sectors such as doctors, nurses, police, prison and immigration staff, older adults in home care and its workers, high-risk groups of adults with underlying conditions and also older adults over 60 and so forth.

By Datuk Yong Teck Lee

SAPP President, Assemblyman (Nominated)

Author: Johnny Chin