City Hall looks into damage to Foh Sang units

KOTA KINABALU, November 5, 2020: Together with City Hall officials, the contractor and other relevant authorities, Gee Tien Siong, did his follow-up visit to one of the affected home-owners, Mr Pang, of the Car Park project in Foh Sang.

Gee, a Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) vice president, who had previously visited Pang’s house last week upon the latter’s request, said the damage and cracks this time appeared to have become more severe.

A damage assessment was done by the team of officials on the affected house as well as a nearby shoplot. The shop owner told that parts of the concrete wall of his shop fell apart as a result of strong vibration caused by the excavator removing the nearby roundabout. He was worried it might pose a threat to passers-by, so he removed the loosen parts of the concrete wall.

During the inspection, the project contractor made a suggestion to conduct a sonar scan to check and assess the hollow underground. A report on all damages by the visiting team shall be discussed and remedial works will be done.

Gee lauded the co-operation and speedy response from the relevant authorities. He is grateful that all parties seemed sincere and keen to resolve the issue, and is confident that the matter will be settled very soon.

SAPP Media

Author: Johnny Chin