SAPP: Warisan’s silence on illegals raises suspicions

Kota Kinabalu, Thursday, 24 September 2020

Parti Warisan’s very strange silence on the illegal immigrant issue should be a matter of grave concern for Sabahans who are about to cast their votes this Saturday.

Known also as “The Mother of All Threats” with serious security implications, the illegal immigrant issue has been compounded by the revival of the Philippines claim to Sabah. But Parti Warisan has failed to state its policy on such a major issue.

In comparison, Perikatan Nasional and all major parties in Sabah have a firm policy to be tough against illegals. Only Warisan is silent. Taken in the context of the Warisan’s pro-illegal policies, the people must conclude that a Warisan victory in Sabah will only see further aggravation of the illegal immigration problems in Sabah.

Already in the last two years of the Warisan government, the government has legalised illegal squatter settlements, identified a whole island for new arrivals of illegals, proposed the now discredited PSS to keep illegals in Sabah, gave funny excuses that the Philippines does not want to take back their own citizens and approved pump boats which are strongly discouraged by the security forces. The Warisan candidacy of a former ISA detainee at Sekong in Sandakan has aroused fears among some people.

The latest incident of belittling our security forces by a Warisan candidate who is also a former federal minister has added serious doubts about what Parti Warisan is all about.

Datuk Yong Teck Lee
SAPP President

Author: Johnny Chin