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SAPP: People’s Voices are Heeded

Kota Kinabalu, 24 September 2020

A wishlist compiled by a WhatsApp group named “Sabah Election 2020 WhatsApp Group” was published in an online article “Our wishlist for Sabah ― Malaysia First” is taken note of by Sabah Progressive Party.

This is a good sign that the people are speaking up to present their views and suggestions in the form of a wishlist which may be converted into a tasklist by the government of the day.

 This type of wishlist is a positive contribution to the campaign. This is in contrast to the many destructive and fake campaign materials that are dividing society.

We want to set up this “Open-source governance” practice as a new standard of benchmark and guideline, thus people’s voices can always be heard by the government, not only during elections.

We have looked into the items in wishlist, many of them are in fact rational and good for the people. Some of them can be implemented jointly by the federal and state government particularly those involving education, medical, and transportation.

As a political party that wants to build a better Sabah, SAPP is now aligned with the new federal government, under the leadership of a moderate, caring and efficient Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who cares for every life in the country. There is every possibility to achieve what is best for Sabah in general.

The top priority now is to handle Covid-19 and the post pandemic era.  Nevertheless, some of the items recommended in the wishlist need in-depth study on its feasibility and cost-efficiency and to define the approaches.

SAPP welcomes suggestions from other groups or individuals in Sabah, so we can make decisions based on macroscale, beneficial to the people.

The maturity of Sabah politics can be escalated beyond melodrama if such organic governance practice can be widely implemented.

Datuk Richard Yong
SAPP Secretary-General / Deputy President

  1. Our wishlist for Sabah ― Malaysia First