Yong: Enforce security also against illegals inside Sabah

Kota Kinabalu, 21 September 2020:
We are concerned the recent revelation by the security forces by their intelligence on information that certain elements from a neighbouring country are planning to enter Sabah in huge numbers to create disturbance during the election. The alertness of the police and their intelligence is commendable.

I am pleased the police take this matter very seriously and we hope the police, navy, air-force, members of ESSCOM to further enhance and heighten their security and enforcement for the safety of Sabahans. This way, the people will have confidence in the security forces and feel safe, not to be threatened or scared to go to vote, for the right government.

The recent renewed claim by Philippines on Sabah has emboldened the illegal immigrants and with their sheer numbers could create havoc to the state and nation, not only from outside but also from within the state.

This was followed by the provocative statements by Philippines to put Sabah in the Philippine map of Philippines passports, a recognition of the Philippines/Sulu claim to Sabah and what more, with the silence of the Sabah Chief Minister on this matter.

I urge the immigration, police and other law enforcement authorities to stop these foreigners from Philippines from entering Sabah whether they hold documents or not because of the threat of diseases brought by them especially Covid-19. The recent spike of Covid-19 infections and clusters came from these foreigners.

It is highly irresponsible for the Warisan leader to insist that confirmed Covid-19 patients be allowed to vote. Such possibilities of having Covid-19 patients at polling stations will make other voters stay away. We strongly urge Warisan to have common sense and responsibility.

Datuk Yong Teck Lee
SAPP President

Author: Johnny Chin