Sabahans, don’t be blinded by unrealistic rhetorics

Sabahans should ditch the “Year of Lies” and move forward and start a better one, “Year of Recovery”.

We must recover from the impact and damage done by Covid-19 and from the lies and hatred caused by elections propaganda this year.

2019 is described as “Year of Lies” due to the Chinese character “騙” (pronounces “pian”, means “lie”, verb) was announced in an event as “Word of the year in Malaysia, 2019”, with 6,276 votes or 24.62% on 8 December 2019.

A total of 267 Chinese characters was nominated and the second and third top-voted character for 2019 are “厭” with 2989 votes (pronounces “yan”, means “hate”) and “馬” 2688 votes (pronounce “ma”, means “horse”, which also used as onomatopoeia for “Ma-lay-si-a”, “Ma-ha-thir” and “Ma-sz-lee”).

The event was organised by The Federation Of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Huazong), Han Culture Centre of Malaysia, the Chinese Language Standardisation Council of Malaysia, the Association of Chinese Newspaper Editors of Malaysia and radio station Ai FM.

PRN16 is a golden opportunity for Sabahans to set things right, let the wisdom guide us to a correct path, not be blinded by unrealistic rhetoric.

As a moderate and experienced politician, Datuk Hajiji Noor has the experience and ability to lead Sabah into a better era, align with the new Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and new Perikatan Nasional (PN) federal government.

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) is a component of Perikatan Nasional (PN), our N21 Luyang candidate Gee Tien Siong and N56 Tanjong Papat candidate Ken Yong Chie Man will be in the mainstream of national development aligned with the federal government, if PN and partners are given majority mandate by the voters to form a new Sabah government led by Hajiji.

Author: Johnny Chin