Yong: Sim Sim shall be uplifted as tourist attraction

SANDAKAN, September 19, 2020: Perikatan Nasional (PN) candidate for N56 Tanjong Papat, Yong Chie Man expressed his concern on the safety of the residents living at the Sim Sim water village.

Residents at the area conveyed to him their worries regarding the condition of the pillars and footings of their stilt houses which are highly corroded by age and impacts of waves.

Yong pledged to the residents that it shall be one of his priorities if he is elected as their assemblyman to rectify the poor conditions of the pillars, the pedestrian bridges, lighting and cleanliness, among others.

The environment of Sim Sim shall be uplifted to be conducive and attractive as a tourist destination particularly with its famous seafood restaurants.

Author: Johnny Chin