Perikatan candidate Tanjong Papat vows to revive Sandakan economy

SANDAKAN, September 20, 2020: Perikatan Nasional candidate for N56 Tanjong Papat, Yong Chie Man, said he shares the disappointment and frustration of the various existing problems in the Sandakan town and deteriorated conditions of the central market.

He appealed for the support of the voters to vote him on 26 September while he vows to do his level best to resolve the problems which require immediate attention.

Yong said he will seek funding from the new government to once for all resolve the sewerage system, drainage at the old harbour area. The traffic congestion at the town centre connecting the old harbour and various infrastructure has to be improved which was left unattended to by the former YBs.

Yong also stressed that Sim Sim water village is vital as a tourist destination. The infrastructure and environment at Sim Sim need to be improved so that it could be re-packaged for tourism promotion. Tourism is an important sector to uplift Sandakan economy.

Yong is confident to revive Sandakan into its once famed “Little Hongkong”, and he would do his best in the PN government to revive the economy and prosperity of Sandakan.

He lamented that the former assemblyman had failed his duty for the last two years as he has left so many things undone.

“It is time to support the PN government led by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to bring Sabah back to the mainstream of development and to revive Sabah’s economy during this difficult time caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Author: Johnny Chin