Yong: Warisan candidate’s past links are too troubling

Kota Kinabalu, Wednesday, 16 September, 2020

There are just too many troubling questions over the choice of the controversial Warisan Sekong candidate that implicates the whole party Warisan. Although the candidate has denied that he is a terrorist, he has also admitted to have made donations that caused him to be detained by Malaysia’s police for preventive measures. Who were the donations made to? As parti Warisan chief claimed that he has done background checks on the candidate, he must reveal who the recipients of the donations were, the purpose and the amounts donated.

Security sources suspected links to Philippines

According to the Public Library of US Diplomacy published in Wikileaks, “Malaysia releases 11 Detainees with past terrorist links”, the relevant part of the report stated that:-

“Former detainee Alias Sani also has ties to Hambali and is known to have provided material assistance to fighters en route to the Philippines.” This is contained in the security report dated 19 October 2006 from the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to their home country. The link to the Philippines is too glaring to miss out.

What is Wikileaks? Wikileaks is an international organisation that publishes classified media founded by Julian Assange, an Australian internet activist, in 2006. It came to global attention in 2010 when it published a series of leaks provided by a U.S. Army intelligence analyst.

Who is Hambali?

According to Wikipedia and other sources, Hambali, nicknamed “Osama bin Laden of South East Asia”, came to international notoriety in the aftermath of the 2002 Bali nightclub bombing in which 202 people died. Caught in a joint operation by the USA and Thai police in 2003, he is currently imprisoned in the top security Guantanamo Bay camp. He was reported to envision creating a Caliphate across Southeast Asia that included Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and the Southern Philippines.

Too many co-incidences

In its two years in power, the Warisan government had allowed pump boats, identified an island for illegals, legalised illegal squatter settlements, wanted PSS for foreigners amid allegations of Project IC 2.0. Warisan leaders also gave flimsy excuses that the Philippines don’t want to take back their citizens who are deported from Malaysia.

One evening on 13 October 2019, hundreds of illegals had gathered at the Luyang community hall waiting for their Philippines Embassy to issue documents. How can a foreign government be allowed to issue passports and travel documents to their citizens in Sabah when they don’t have a consulate in Sabah? No country will allow such an infringement of their sovereignty. It was only after I sent photos of the foreigners crowding at the Luyang Hall to the authorities that the crowd was dispersed. How can this be allowed to happen in the first place? No one, not the Chief Minister, nor the Minister/Assemblyman from Luyang dared to say what happened.

Then, the Warisan chief told the Malaysia federal government to discuss with the Philippines about the Philippines claim to Sabah, as though he recognises the claim. Days later, the Philippines announced a special department to pursue their claim to Sabah. On 5th April 2016, in Parliament, the same Warisan chief, who is the MP for Semporna, had proposed of an outrageous proposal to let the Philippines’ claim to Sabah be taken to the International Court of Justice.

With all these difficult facts to face, why did Warisan still pick this person as its candidate? Why was the incumbent Assemblyman (Arifin Asgali who was the Assistant Minister in charge of Kota Kinabalu City Hall) dropped as a candidate in favour of this new candidate? Compared to many other Warisan candidates who have land grab scandals, corruption charges and missing YBs, Arifin was not known to have scandals. Yet he was dropped to give way to someone whose background could be controversial. Why?

Datuk Yong Teck Lee

Ex-Chief Minister, Sabah


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Author: Johnny Chin