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Tanjong Papat walkabout by Perikatan Nasional candidate

Sandakan, 15 September 2020: Perikatan Nasional (PN) candidate for Tanjong Papat, Ken Yong Chie Man, a practising lawyer, today started his campaign walkabout first around the Sim Sim Jambatan village outside the town area.

Rather concerned about the villagers’ complaints of garbage problems, broken bridges and various issues, Yong is determined to solve their problems if he was elected.

He said that only with the change of the state government, a better future will be guaranteed for Sabah’s economy which will be backed by the full strength of a new state government and federal government backing in all aspects, foremost, the rebound of the much needed economic boost of a poorly managed state by the Warisan-plus government.

The Sandakan people should choose wisely whether to continue suffering from the poor economic situation of a poorly managed state government or to choose a well-organised caring Perikatan Nasional Government.