Gee promises to solve Bukit Padang hawkers’ problem

Kota Kinabalu, 15 September 2020: The Perikatan Nasional Candidate for N21 Luyang, Gee Tien Siong, promised to look into the complaints by hawkers of Bukit Padang on the lack of basic public toilets. He said if he wins, more public toilets will be built for the area.

Gee, who is also Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Vice President, said in his statement that hawkers also dissatisfied with the facility provided which is unpractical. There is no permanent covered-shed for customers and the hawkers had to provide their own umbrellas.

Furthermore, the hawkers have to pay a new monthly rent of RM200, an increase from the previous RM90 per month after permanent structures were built. They said the rental is excessive.

Hawkers also complained that in order to comply with the standard operating procedures (SOP) for the prevention of COVID-19, they had to hire RELA guards at their own expense to help maintain the SOP and these guards will cost RM7 per hour.

Photo: Gee Tien Siong, visiting the hawkers at Bukit Padang during his campaign walkabout

Author: Johnny Chin