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SAPP demands Teresa Kok apologise to Sandakan medical staffs

Sandakan, 14 September 2020: DAP Teresa Kok should apologise for her arrogance in blaming the Sandakan hospital staff for a mistake made by her own assistant. Her assistant erroneously filled up a form that stated her as Covid-19 positive with a yes (ya) which prompted the medical staff to run a mandatory Covid-19 test on her. The form supposedly should be filled by herself.

Instead of apologising for the folly, she took to social media to criticise the medical team for wasting her time in doing the test on her.

She should know that everyone should cooperate in the fight against Covid-19. The medical staff were just doing their job, which she should be praising instead.

Such arrogance by DAP leaders trademark intentions to try use every opportunity in incidents to seem like they are being victimised by the authorities are out to get cheap publicity and sympathy from the people.

She was however, choked by sensible netizens for her social media posting of the incident.

Her arrogance and rudeness are unacceptable against the good job done by hospital staff.

Jimmy Yong Vui Ming
SAPP Vice Chairman, Sandakan Zone