Junz is lying, making baseless accusations

KOTA KINABALU, 12 September 2020: Junz Wong of Warisan is having selective memory loss, lying and making baseless accusations against Sabah Progressive Party’s (SAPP) administration, said Foo Fook Ming.

Foo, who was the former political secretary of ex-Chief Minister Datuk Yong Teck Lee said that during Yong’s tenure as Chief Minister, he (Yong) has allocated 20,000 acres of land to the three main ethnic group chambers and also issued 44,000 NCR land titles to Sabah natives.

Yong also approved 999-year land lease titles to house owners of Taman Seputeh, Foo added.

He said Datuk Yong had helped the Chinese Independent schools such as allocating 5 acres prime commercial land to a Tawau independent school, 10 acres of oil palm land to Lahad Datu SRJK (C )Sin Hwa School, 40 acres land to Tshung Tsin School, 10 acres land to Sandakan Shang Siew School, 2 acres forest reserve land to SRJK(C ) Min Chung School and 8 acres land to KK Kolombong for SRJK (C ) Chee Hwa School. Yong also allotted a 2.72 acre prime land to the Chinese Community.

“Yong has gazetted 19 sites including the Gaya Street Old Post Office Building, Tham Kung Temple, Sandakan, Likas Wetland, Atkinson Clock Tower, Maliau Basin among others under the Sabah Cultural Heritage (Conservation) Enactment 1997.

“On Junz’s allegation that there was no Chinese heading civil service and government departments during Yong’s tenure, I would like to correct Junz’s ignorance by naming only a few eg. Datuk Peter D. Cheong, Datuk David Lee Thau Phin, Datuk Stephen Shee, Datuk Wong Kee Bun and Datuk Stephen Foo.

“Regarding the UEC, Warisan should not take credit of any independent school achievements, UEC results until today are still not being the certificate considered by the State Government for accepting any application including government jobs. SPM pass result is still a requirement and set as a condition.

“None of the Independent school graduates are getting Sabah Government scholarships because of UEC results. These students who got the scholarship were due to good results of SPM.

Foo said that SAPP had even set up a Progressive Education Fund to help teachers with training programmes.

Author: Johnny Chin