Edward on Papar Dam: Seek the views of stakeholders

It is clear for all to see that Warisan leaders are out of touch with reality and obviously clueless to the needs and aspirations of the grass root, said Edward Dagul, SAPP Deputy President, today in a statement issued in response to the press release made by Hj. Ahmad Hassan, Warisan Papar divisional head cum Papar Member of Parliament.

“How can he say that only a minority objects to the proposed dam? It’s a lie that only a small group from Kampung Terian, Penampang objected as there are many who oppose the proposed dam and is evident by their presence in the peaceful gathering “Bantah Empangan Papar” in Kaiduan, Papar Saturday,” he added.

“If the MP for Papar insist that the Papar Dam is the solution to the district’s industrialisation agenda, then the people should be informed as to what is in the Papar industrialisation programme? Which sectors of industries are involved that necessitates the construction of a Mega Dam which will obliterate a whole community’s homes, livelihoods and ancestral lands?”

The number of residential and commercial buildings must be in the tens of thousands to justify the construction of the Papar Dam, a reported 300 metre tall structure Mega Dam, assumed Edward.

If this dam is built, around 12 villages will be submerged by this dam, affecting more than 3000 villagers living in and around the interior. It will also destroy the rich biodiversity of Ulu Papar, part of the Unesco Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve.

Instead of blindly supporting the Papar dam proposal, meet up with the villagers concerned and analyse the alternatives first, concluded Edward.

Author: Johnny Chin