Warisan government must cancel the RM6 million “processing fee” for the 5,978 land titles

Kota Kinabalu, Thursday, 27 August 2020

The land charges of almost RM6 million (RM5,978,000.00) by the Warisan government to restore the 5,978 land titles belonging to affected land owners from 99-year land tenure back to its original 999-year tenure must be cancelled because it is potentially illegal. This is because the government wants to charge the land owners for its own illegal act of shortening the land tenure from 999-years to 99-years.

It was the Warisan government which opposed the court case last year by one 88-year old Mr. Chin Kim Phin who took his case to court to get back his right to this 999-year land tenure. Having lost the case to Mr Chin, who was represented by land rights lawyer, Datuk Kong Hon Ming, the Warisan government now wants to charge the land owners RM1,000.00 per land title.

The land charge is disguised as “processing fee” that the Warisan government imposes on the 5,978 land titles. Even if the so-called “processing fee” is legal, the charge of RM1,000.00 per title is excessive and oppressive. The endorsement on the land title from 99-years back to 999-years is a simple chop on the land titles concerned. There is no need for ground survey and no administrative costs outside the office. The Warisan government must end its hypocrisy and cancel the RM6 million land charges.

Warisan ministers must apologise for shameful act

Warisan government ministers must also apologise to the people for misleading the people earlier that 999-year land tenure is allowed for all 99-year land leases. In fact, as exposed now, the infamous announcement of 999-year land titles is only for the 5,978 land titles which are affected by the landmark court case of Chin Kim Phin. The Warisan government was trying to claim undue credit as though the 999-year land tenure is allowed for other 99-year land titles. This is very different from the impression when the Chief Minister first made the announcement. It is a shameful act to try to mislead people.

Datuk Richard Yong We Kong
Deputy President, SAPP

Attached: Notis Umum Jabatan Tanah Dan Ukur Sabah, (Pengebalian Tempoh Pajakan 99 Tahun ke 999 Tahun) dated 26 August 2020.

Author: Johnny Chin