SAPP: What about Projek IC Sabah?

KOTA KINABALU, October 22, 2019: The federal government should also take action against the culprits who gave citizenship to illegal immigrants in Sabah through “Projek IC”, says Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP).

Its secretary-general Datuk Richard Yong We Kong, when commenting on a statement by the Home Affairs Ministry that they had cancelled all the MyKad that were sold to Chinese nationals recently in Penang.

“The ministry has been so efficient and given special attention to this case but seems to have neglected the more severe problem facing our citizens in Sabah.

“It is common knowledge here in Sabah, there are hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants who might have gotten their MyKad (IC) through dubious means and now can vote in the elections. These people who were involved should be considered as traitors of the country,” he stressed.

“The long outstanding problem of thousands of illegal immigrants with dubious and illegal MyKads existed in the electoral roll of Sabah which the government should tackle immediately because it is a very serious matter threatening our national sovereignty and security as well as abruptly changing the socio-political landscape in the state.

The RCI on illegal immigrants in Sabah was set up in 2012 to investigate problems related to illegal immigrants in the state. It began its public hearings on Jan 14, 2013, and wrapped up later that year.

The government should make public the missing 5,000 pages in the report which was highly publicised by DAP leader Lim Kit Siang when he was in the opposition.

Now that DAP is in government they should right the wrongs.

Author: webmaster