Yong: SAPP’s anti-gambling record is clear and consistent


Ex-Chief Minister, Datuk Yong Teck Lee, in responding to reporters who asked him about the Chief Minister’s stand that the Sabah government decision to ban all licensed slot machines is final, Yong said:

“SAPP has always been, and still is, in favour of curbing gambling, including ILLEGAL GAMBLING. Our record is consistent. We even published our research on the gambling issue in 2004, including on the cures of the gambling ills. What we want to alert the Sabah government is that the ban on all licensed gambling will inevitably lead to a sharp rise in illegal gambling. Illegal gambling syndicates and criminal gangs will thrive.

Why is government silent on illegal gambling?

“I find it puzzling that this government is targeting only licensed gambling and is totally silent on illegal gambling. Is the government really not aware of the prevalence of illegal gambling in Sabah? The implications are serious.

“My first and foremost duty is to alert the Sabah government on what is best for Sabah. Not only on the gambling issue but also on other issues that I have spoken out. On security, the economy, MA63, BIMP-EAGA and so on. My duty is to impart on the government leaders of today what I know from our earlier years of experience: sweet, sour, bitter and chilly hot. What the government leaders of today do or don’t do, is up to them. Therefore, Parti Warisan should not divert the issue by using a low ranking divisional official, who doesn’t know head or tail, to attack me.”

They can take my opinions or they can reject. They have power today. And they will be accountable for the decisions they make. Let’s hope that they make right decisions. I hope the ministers up there today can feel the despair being felt by ordinary people.

Datuk Yong Teck Lee
Ex-Chief Minister
Friday, September 20, 2019

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