Gee: Sabah getting crumbs from federal


KOTA KINABALU, August 29, 2019: The so-called RM312 million 2019 allocation by the federal government for KK constituency is small as compared to what DAP gave to other states, said SAPP.

Its vice president Gee Tien Siong said that therefore there is nothing to be proud of. Furthermore, most of these projects are in the 11th Malaysia Plan which were approved from before.

 “Sabahans and KK folks deserve much more development and progress,” he added, “we Sabahans don’t want to be treated like charity, continuing to rely on peanuts dished out by federal ministers.

 “DAP Chan who proudly said he has got the list of projects in Sabah, should also reveal how much Malaysian in Sabah, including in Kota Kinabalu, will be paying in more NEW taxes to the finance ministry headed by DAP.

“Chan and Dap leaders should not keep quiet and hope people will forget their sufferings of paying new taxes like SST, increased Stamp Duties, Soda Tax, Digital Tax and, starting next week, DEPARTURE TAX.

“It is now already coming September and in 4 more months, 2019 will be over. How much of the RM312 Million has been implemented so far?” he asked.

“Like the Tanjung Lipat road from Perkasa roundabout along Likas Coastal Road, there is nothing happening. What else is happening?” he questioned.

“Out of the RM312 million, cannot even allocate RM2 million (0.7% of the RM312 million) to complete the Sky Bridge,” he said.

He reminded that under the Malaysia Agreement 1963, Sabah is one of the three equal partners in the formation of Malaysia.

He said that now that DAP leaders who now control the powerful finance ministry should fulfil their promise to return 50% of taxes collected from Sabah to be returned to Sabah and the 20% oil royalties.

“With the return of 50% taxes to Sabah and the 20% oil royalties, we can take care of our own development and not have to beg the federal ministers.

The Sabah Chief Minister announced in the Legislative Assembly that if Petronas pays 20% oil royalty, Sabah will have an additional RM5 billion revenue per annum.

Last year, Petronas’ total revenue was recorded some RM251 billion and it had paid RM54 billion dividends to the federal government.

Putrajaya had received a total of RM137 billion in income taxes through the Inland Revenue Department last year.

Gee suggested the KK MP reveal the amount of money collected in Sabah and how much should the 50% of which should be returned to the Sabah government.

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