Richard: Gov’t Vague on TAED, public confused

KOTA KINABALU, July 6 – The new Sabah government being vague on the Tanjung Aru Ecological Development Project(TAED) and has not clearly stated whether the Tanjung Aru Beaches are still public assets.

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Secretary General Datuk Richard Yong We Kong pointed out that the Tanjung Aru State Assemblyman together with the Deputy Chief Minister had opposed TAED; now Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Shafie suddenly announced: “The TAED project may continue “

“Various quarters, including environmental activists and political parties, have always expressedly opposed TAED over the years.”

Yong said that the Sabah new government appeared to be discoordinated, and the direction of the administration is vague and inconsistent, which makes the people confused and felt deceived.

“Several senior ministers have announced the termination of TAED and they have won appreciation and supports from the people, environmental organizations, and private sectors. This has clearly demonstrated that the people want to see the new state government implement programs which really benefit the people, including returning the right and full access to the Tanjung Aru Beach.”

He said that “stop TAED” is one of the campaign manifesto of the PH and Warisan in last GE14 Elections. Now, as government, it should not be vague about the plan. The cabinet members being inconsistent in their opinions will cast doubt on the integrity and the ability of the new government.

Yong, the chairman of the SAPP Tg. Aru CLC, stressed that the Sabah Progressive Party’s position with regard to TAED has always been firm and clear. It has maintained that the Tanjung Aru Beaches should continue to be fully accessible to the public, and that the government should use the land to create more open space for family recreation and provide all sort of public facilities.

“People don’t want to see a government that “only pursue the high-end commercial development projects”, they want a government that care about the general public’s rights and interests.


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