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Police report lodged on video clip of money distribution to voters


KOTA KINABALU, May 3, 2018: A video clip showing RM50 notes being distributed to a group of people wearing dark blue tee shirts with the Barisan Nasional logo has gone viral and is raising eyebrows among voters here.

Among those who received the 21-second video clip was Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) election director of operations Melanie Chia who said the party would be lodging a police report about it.

“Anyone who has seen the clip would know that election offences had been committed by a BN component party involving the distribution of money,” she said on Thursday.

“It is our duty to report any election offences that have been committed,” Melanie added.

The video clip was shot from the phone of another person with a woman’s voice being heard in the background.

It showed a group of people sitting around a restaurant table and one of them withdraw several RM50 notes from an envelope and passed them to a person sitting across the table covered with a red table cloth.

The woman was heard talking in Hakka dialect: “I’m not happy. Some people got, some didn’t. My husband and I didn’t get.”

The woman continued speaking saying: “In Sandakan all my friends and my classmates got too.”

From the screen details of the phone where the video was shown, the clip was recorded at 10.05am though the date was not known.

Melanie said anyone who had information about such election malpractices should report them to the authorities.

“Afterall, we all want a clean and fair election. Let us together make it happen,” she said.