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Vote for a strong voice in Parliament


KOTA KINABALU, April 29, 2018: A walkabout at the popular Gaya Street Fair by Datuk Yong Teck Lee and other SAPP candidates on Sunday became an opportunity for Kota Kinabalu folks to air their grouses about their former elected representatives.

Their main complaint was the ineffectiveness that their former YBs – PKR’s Christina Liew of Api Api and KK MP Jimmy Wong.

“Their complaints was that their elected representatives were never around to hear people’s concerns,” said Yong, who is contesting the Kota Kinabalu Parliamentary seat, after the walkabout.

He said a woman trader complained about Jimmy whom they had never seen and also not heard speaking in Parliament about any issues affecting the state’s capital.

“The woman complained about how traffic jams are getting worse in Kota Kinabalu and the need for an overhaul of the public transport system,” Yong said.

“I explained these are the among the issues that a Gabungan Sabah government will be tackling and something I will raise repeatedly in Parliament until it is  resolved,” he said.

Yong said another trader selling Sabah souvenirs told him it was obvious DAP had seen Jimmy’s ineffectiveness as KK MP and replaced him with another outsider.

“Their complaint is that DAP brought Jimmy from Tawau and he was useless. Now they are bringing another person from Tawau to replace him. KK people are getting frustrated,” he said. These so called leaders just want our votes but they don’t even know who we are and what we need as people in Kota Kinabalu City. They take our votes for granted.

“Yong said some at the Gaya Street Fair also voiced their scepticism about the loyalty of DAP’s elected representatives.

“The common perception among those I met was that DAP YBs are potential katak (frogs),” he said.

“Voters are disheartened by a string of DAP YBs and previous candidates jumping parties,” he said.

“With elections now on, voters said they will always the remember the actions of DAP frogs such as Hiew King Cheu of Luyang who jumped into MCA, Junz Wong of Likas and Edwin Bosi of Kapayan,” Yong added.

He said several traders told him they couldn’t wait for polling day as this was an opportunity for them to “slaughter the kataks.”

“As for the BN candidates, it never crosses the minds of the people at Gaya Street to vote BN. That is why BN candidates keep saying, vote the person, not vote the party. Such a slogan by BN candidates at KK is a crude admission that BN is already rejected by the people,” said Yong.