Yong: “We are fighting lies with truths”


KOTA KINABALU, April 13, 2018: The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) is striking back at those spreading a doctored video featuring party president Datuk Yong Teck Lee by releasing the original clip.

The one minute 37 second video showed the original clip in which Yong was giving a speech to SAPP Tanjung Aru leaders and members at a Chinese New Year gathering last February.

The clip showed Yong speaking out against certain parties for spreading lies amid cheering and applause from the SAPP members.

Also included in the video that was disseminated over social media was a portion of the doctored clip that was dubbed over and with the speaker using foul language to describe Yong.

“We are fighting lies with truths,” Yong said following the release of the video.

“Our weapon of choice has always been the truth,” he added.

“Our initial investigations by tracing the early recipients of the doctored video clip on WhatsApp showed that it had originated from Tawau,” Yong said.

He said he had received many calls asking about the original video and the party had decided to release it along with parts of the doctored clip.

“We are doing this to alert the public to the fact that there are individuals who are resorting to gutter politics which is alien to Sabah. Such gutter politics are imported from Malaya,” Yong said, adding that such culture of smearing opponents will destroy our harmonious Sabah culture.

“These people and their smear mongering must be rejected,” he added.

The doctored video clip was circulated over social media on Tuesday and on the following day, Yong lodged a police report here about it.

Yong said the doctored video clip was the work of political opponents wanting to cast him in a bad light.

Yong said he was going all out to identity the perpetrators of the video clip and was offering a reward to anyone who identified the voice in it.

Yong also faced a smear campaign in 2013 elections when some of his opponents accused him of receiving “RM80mil bribe.”

He noted that a civil suit against one of the “culprits” forced him to apologise through newspaper advertisements.

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