Warm response from Inanam folks


KOTA KINABALU, February 8, 2018: Gabungan Sabah team starting their Chinese New Year greetings early in Inanam township received a warm response from Inanam folks while distributing CNY greeting cards and calendars this morning.

The positive feedbacks was encouraging and increased Gabungan Sabah’s confidence as well as chances of winning this constituency for the coming election.

According to Datuk Eric Majimbun, ex-MP of Sepanggar and SAPP Inanam CLC Chairman, most of the grouses were about the present GST implemented by the BN government which has burdened the people due to its effect by increasing the cost of living. Kampung folks and low-income groups were the most affected by this where their daily expenditure and needs were drastically reduced due to lesser budget.

Apart from that, the people also worried about the unstable fuel prices which fluctuates every week causing uncertainty. The economic situation being difficult now because of the government’s huge debt.

Jeffrey Kumin, STAR Inanam Division Chairman said shopowners and customers around Inanam, Manggatal and Telipok welcomed opposition parties combined as in Gabungan Sabah and that is what they have been waiting for to topple BN-Umno government in the 14th General Election.

He said the voters were disappointed with the mistake of Parti Warisan who wanted to contest alone or to combine with the Malaya parties.

Also present during the walkabout were SAPP President Datuk Yong Teck Lee, Secretary-General Datuk Richard Yong We Kong, Wanita Chief Chia Miu Lee, Supreme councillor Chin Vui Kai, party members in Gabungan Sabah.

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