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Warm response from Inanam folks

KOTA KINABALU, February 8, 2018: Gabungan Sabah team starting their Chinese New Year greetings early in Inanam township received a warm response from Inanam folks while distributing CNY greeting cards and calendars this morning.

The positive feedbacks was encouraging and increased Gabungan Sabah's confidence as well as chances of winning this constituency for the coming election.

Yong: Government must counter the Philippines claim to Sabah

Today’s news reports in Malaysia and Philippines that the Philippines, in amending its constitution, plan to add Sabah as the “13th state of the Philippines” should not be taken lightly because such attempts by senior personalities in the Philippines confer some dangerous legitimacy on the Philippines/Sulu claim to Sabah. Such attempts (to claim Sabah) will never succeed but their continuing efforts to claim Sabah serve to embolden the subversive elements at Sabah’s border to destabilise Sabah and stiffen the resistance among illegal immigrants to ESSCOM.

Yong showing the map of Philippines and Sabah
The territory of the Philippines is defined as the territory contained within the boundaries of the Treaty of Paris 1898 signed after the Spanish-American War. North Borneo was clearly shown as outside the Philippines territory in that treaty.
International Court of Justice issuance for Sipadan / Ligitan Island